• OEM Cable Accessories

    Development of 12-42kV cables for connection of various indoor plug-in voltage transformers, insulation bushings for test cables and extension between GIS bus cabinets, and a full set of cable accessories; joint development of high voltage cable heads, stress bodies or full set of cable accessories

  • Medium Voltage Standard Cable Accessories

    Internal taper plug type cable accessories for GIS switches and transformers with a maximum system voltage up to 42kV; external taper plug type cable accessories for 12-40.5kV GIS switch and cable branch box; cable accessories for GIS switchgear top and bus extension between switchgears; indoor and outdoor cold shrink terminals, etc

  • Indoor Air Insulation Standard Product

    More than 100 kinds of 10kV~40.5 kV standard insulation pieces: IEC pillar insulator, capacitive insulator, wall bushing…

  • Standard Embedded Pole

    More than 100 kinds of 12~40.5kV embedded poles used for standard, high current, high altitude and double-break capacitor switching

  • Standard Indoor Solid Insulation Product

    A full range of surface touchable insulation products for12kV solid insulation switches , such as embedded poles, three-station embedded poles 

    fuse tubes, bus tubes, etc. 

  • High Voltage OEM Product

    More than 200 kinds of high voltage72.5kv ~1100kV OEM products; insulation discs and cable heads for GIS up to 800kV;110kV~1100kV fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite materials

  • Outdoor Medium Voltage OEM On-post Switch

    Various 12-40.5kV outdoor on-post switch poles which can realize CT/PT integration molding, OEM products total up to 20 kinds.

  • Indoor Medium Voltage OEM Product

    Indoor insulation pieces used for air insulation, gas insulation and solid insulation switches from contact boxes to embedded poles; more than 400 kinds of 12kV to 40.5kV medium voltage OEM insulation pieces