Product Introduction

  The Normal Road Driving Model of Pickup  with qualified the Road Legal for Europe EEC. To adhere to safe design standards, a crash test has been completed.

  With a Max Speed of 45 km/h, Pickup:

  -Deliver on public routes with multiple stops

  -Transport factory goods across the city

  -Transport employees to assigned locations


  A lot of urban pollution is caused by vehicle emissions from city road traffic. The problem of exhaust emissions can be solved with e-mobility technology like Pickup . Usually use Pickup  in Factories, Logistics and Municipal Services.

  •Short distances and tasks with established routes

  •Deliveries within an industrial factory

  •Ferrying maintenance crew for routine checks

  • Battery Performance

    Our electric vehicles, truck-e and trike-e, will have their batteries researched to improve capabilities so drivers can get more miles out of a lower charge. The batteries will have an upgrade version to against a severe weather.
  • Fuss-Free User Experience

    New technology and applications will be developed to help people use them simply and effectively. Solutions can be customised to meet different business needs.
  • Vehicle Control

    Create a business that never sleeps. Driverless cars can increase business efficiency and make fewer errors. Vehicle control solutions will be explored to improve business processes.
  • E-Mobility Network

    Soon, company fleets of truck-e and trike-e can link to an “E-Mobility Network” to monitor vehicle information, such as:

    •Vehicle Condition


    •Nearby charging stations