Product Introduction

  Get to places around your neighbourhood comfortably with TRIKE-E. It combines conveniences of a car and a motorcycle – a sheltered mini electric vehicle on three wheels. Better yet, it can fit 2-3 passengers. Thanks to the enclosed cabin, driving is very comfortable as passengers are protected from the weather. In several countries, vehicle registrations are not required and no car taxes are applicable. For users in Germany and Europe, a small moped number plate (insurance number) is required.

  The Model of TRIKE-E with qualified the Road Legal for Europe EEC. To adhere to safe design standards, a crash test has been completed.

  • Battery Performance

    Our electric vehicles, truck-e and trike-e, will have their batteries researched to improve capabilities so drivers can get more miles out of a lower charge. The batteries will have an upgrade version to against a severe weather.
  • Fuss-Free User Experience

    New technology and applications will be developed to help people use them simply and effectively. Solutions can be customised to meet different business needs.
  • Vehicle Control

    Create a business that never sleeps. Driverless cars can increase business efficiency and make fewer errors. Vehicle control solutions will be explored to improve business processes.
  • E-Mobility Network

    Soon, company fleets of truck-e and trike-e can link to an “E-Mobility Network” to monitor vehicle information, such as:

    •Vehicle Condition


    •Nearby charging stations